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HORIZON VISION is the moment of perception shift when what you previously believed possible recedes -- and a further line of horizon suddenly appears before us. It is a sight full of wonder and awe, both liberating and unsettling. The sense of "so much more" can be invited and evoked, but arises most reliably through a dance of certain motions. When we travel the path that allows them all, our sight expands.


In this time and place, Horizon Vision expresses itself most brilliantly as joyful social justice. Originating in North America in the 2020s, this map brings us pulsing toward vitality, back and forth to process where we've been, inward to reflect, outward to direct action, and along an orbit that reaches further than where we have ever been as a society.

It manifests most fully as Imagination and Transformation at the culmination of the journey. The book, Horizon Vision, (set for release in April 2024) details how these movements traverse through individual human lives, in people over time, and in the natural world. The Horizon Vision Tour  brings these motions to life in a joyful rebalancing of stories we've inherited -- stories that long for the expanded horizon of new sight and witnessing. 

The joy is a recognition of finally seeing what we sensed had been there all along. It is coming together to give due honor to the undercurrents that have infused this social place. Like turning the bend in the river to finally behold the vast river valley, it awakens and relieves us. We get to stand in awe together. 

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The additional names and images below are place-holders. Come back in the months ahead to meet the true team of Horizon Vision 

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Founder & Coordinator

Vanessa Osage creates meaningful beauty to encourage a cultural evolution toward wholeness. She has worked in sexual health, youth empowerment, advocacy, education, relationship coaching, consulting, speaking, and event coordination. She is the author of two books, and the Founder of Horizon Vision — with a forthcoming book, a festive, cultural and environmental restoration tour, and new offerings to come.


Collaborator & Co-Creator

Here, you will meet a primary collaborator to be confirmed soon...


Design & Media

When we choose the primary designer and media specialist, you will meet them here.


Tour Assistant

Someone wonderful will be the primary supporter of Horizon Vision Tour logistics, and you'll get to know them here. 

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