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Toward & Away

Magnetism motion animates Love & Safety

The truth it reveals: There is always an undercurrent story that must be named and claimed before we can move forward in our lives

whale mama & baby under water.png


Back & Forth

Latitude motion is expressed as Intuition & Momentum

The truth it reveals: Nature is a net that holds and communicates

lightning touching earth.jpg


Inward & Directed Outward

Axial motion enlivens Conviction & Inspiration

The truth it reveals: We all have a unique, rarefied quality that must be embraced to move boldly forward


hummingbird with ghost bird.jpg


Along an orbit that expands

Elliptical motion generates Imagination & Transformation

The truth it reveals: We must revisit key times, experiences, places in our lives — but not revert — to pass through a gate of testing and reach new worlds within and beyond 

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