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Seeing Further By Optimizing the Four Motions



Horizon Vision is the forthcoming book from author, Vanessa Osage, set for release in 2024-25. A guide to the four universal motions found in all of nature and in a human life. We align with these to create
a newly imagined future. 

More info coming soon...


The Horizon Vision Tour is a modern-day Wild West Show featuring mostly women, Indigenous people, and people of color. As a cultural and environmental restoration effort, it rebalances the story of the settling of the American West and supports Tribal sovereignty and revitalization.

It all starts in 2025

More info coming soon...


Customized speaking, trainings, and Restorative Consultations based on growth and balance in the four motions.
Available Now.


How we move generates what we see


Horizon Vision is the next evolution of social imagination artist, Vanessa Osage. 

We are change agents, performers, storytellers, facilitators, activists, and social healers. You'll find more information about contributors in early 2024.

Vanessa Osage was celebrated as a "champion of change" by The Boston Herald in 2019 for her decades of activism and social solutions advocacy. She spent twelve years in the sexual health field as an educator, consultant, coach, and leader of a nonprofit for puberty rites of passage. She won the "Kickass Single Mom" grant award in 2017 for her work in youth empowerment and sexuality education. 

She is the author of two books, Can't Stop the Sunrise: Adventures in Healing, Confronting Corruption & the Journey to Institutional Reform (Stone & Feather Press, 2020), which earned a 5-Star Review for Politics & Current Events at IndieReader, and Sex Education for Girls: A Parent's Guide (Rockridge Press 2022).

She has coordinated over a dozen celebratory community events and been a featured speaker at more than thirty venues along the west coast. 




"What's clear to me is you have a gift for doing this work. What you've created here is just gorgeous."

Seminar Participant

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